Plans in Confluence Cloud let you choose the right features and functionality for your stage of business. From teams of three where you share everything, up to large enterprises with thousands of staff where visibility and control are paramount, there's a plan to suit your needs.

What do I get with each plan?


The Free plan is for small teams of fewer than 10 people who are just getting started with Confluence.

On the Free plan you get:

Permissions aren't customizable and anonymous access isn't available on the Free plan. If your site has always been on the Free plan, everyone who can log in to your Confluence site can view, add, and edit spaces and pagesIf you change to the Free plan or migrate from Confluence Server to the Free plan, existing global, space, and page permissions will be kept in their current state, but anonymous access will be disabled. You'll need to upgrade again to change permissions or enable anonymous access. Read more about Permissions and restrictions in the Free plan

You won't have access to audit logs to track events related to spaces, users, and administration on your site. Once you upgrade to Standard, you'll be able to use audit logs for your Confluence Cloud site.

Confluence sites on the Free plan will be deactivated after 120 days of inactivity. To prevent your site being deactivated, just log in and view any Confluence page — that’ll count as activity and reset the 120-day clock. 

If you’re a site admin, we’ll send you emails to let you know if your site is at risk of being deactivated due to inactivity so you can log in and take action to prevent deactivation.


As your team grows and you need tighter access control, more file storage, and better support, you can move to Standard or Premium.

On the Standard plan you get:

  • Up to 10,000 users
  • 250 GB of file storage
  • Permissions, including global, space, and page permissions
  • Audit logs for keeping track of important changes
  • Standard Support (available 9am–5pm Monday to Friday for your time zone)

If you'll need more than 5,000 users and expect more than 50% of them will be actively using Confluence at the same time (concurrently), then the premium plan's optimized cloud infrastructure may better suit you. Most enterprise organizations that use our products regularly tend to have heavier concurrent usage.


The Premium plan is currently available for Confluence Cloud. This plan gets you everything from the Standard plan, plus:

  • Analytics
  • Admin key
  • Unlimited file storage
  • Optimized cloud infrastructure to better handle 5,000+ concurrent users
  • Premium dedicated Atlassian 24/7 support
  • 99.9% uptime service level agreement (SLA)
  • Sandboxes
  • Release tracks

Analytics includes insights on:

  • The usage of your Confluence Cloud site

  • How many total and unique views your spaces and pages have had
  • Who's viewed the latest updates to your pages

Admin key lets admins troubleshoot restricted pages by giving them temporary access to the pages.

Learn more about analytics, admin keys, sandboxes, and release tracks.


The Enterprise plan is available for Confluence Cloud. This plan gets you everything from the Premium plan, plus you can:

  • Pin product content at rest to a data realm – Learn more

  • Give users access to an unlimited number of Confluence Enterprise products and only pay for each user once

  • Get our 99.95% uptime service level agreement (SLA)

Learn more about data realms and residency.

To inquire about an Enterprise trial or change to an Enterprise plan, fill out our contact form and someone from our team will reach out.

Change your plan

You can try another plan at no extra cost for the remainder of your current and next billing cycles, and cancel any time during the trial if you don't want to proceed. During a trial you can use all the features available on the new plan, but SLA compensation available on the Premium plan doesn't commence until the end of your trial. Once the trial finishes, you'll be placed onto the new plan and charged the new amount at the end of your billing cycle.

tip/resting Created with Sketch. Not sure which plan you're on? Choose Settings (  ) >  Billing  Manage subscriptions to find out. The plan for each product is shown next to the product name. 

If you change to a lower plan level, you can keep using the features available in your current plan until the end of your billing period.

You need to be an Atlassian Cloud site admin to complete these steps.

  1. Choose Settings (  ) >  Billing  Manage subscriptions
  2. Choose Change next to your plan name

You're ready to try out your new plan!

To successfully change to the Free plan, you need to have 10 users or fewer. If you're over that limit when you try to change your plan, the change will fail and you'll remain on your current plan.

Free cloud migration trials for Confluence Server instances

If you're using Confluence Server and trialling Confluence Cloud, your free cloud migration trial period lasts for the remainder of your existing server license period, up to 12 months. If you change to the Free plan during your trial period, the cloud migration trial will end immediately, and you'll need to upgrade to a Standard or Premium Confluence Cloud plan to use additional features. For that reason, we don't recommend changing to the Free plan during your cloud migration trial. To learn more, visit Cloud migration trials for server and Data Center customers.