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Change your product and site URL

When you sign up for a product, the name you enter determines the URL used to access products in that site. For example, if you entered acme, the site URL would be acme.atlassian.net.

Products added to the same site will have the same site URL, followed by a path that denotes the product. For example, if a site named Acme contained Confluence, Jira, and Jira Service Management, the product URLs would be:

  • Confluence: acme.atlassian.net/wiki

  • Jira products: acme.atlassian.net/jira

Change the product URL

There are two ways you can change the URL used to access a product:

  • Change the product URL subdomain, for example, springfield.atlassian.net.

  • Create a custom domain, for example, jira.support.springfield.com.

There are some limitations to be aware of with both methods. Learn whether you can change the URL used to access a product

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