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Search for a knowledge base article from the issue view

In the issue view, you’ll be shown relevant knowledge base articles in the right-hand side panel that you can use to resolve the issue. If there are no related articles available, you can search for one from within the issue view.

To search for an article:

  1. From your project sidebar navigation, select Queues.

  2. Go to the relevant issue.

  3. Go to the Knowledge base section in the right-hand side panel and select Search or create an article.

  4. Search using keywords or the article name if you know it.

  5. Select the article you need. It will open in a new tab.

Articles that an agent has seen, edited or interacted with in the past will show up more prominently in their issue view search results. To improve the search experience for your agents, add frequently-used keywords as labels to the respective article. Learn how to add labels to your knowledge base articles.

We're rolling out a new issue view for Jira Service Management, with one consistent screen to view and edit requests. It looks a little different and some procedures have changed slightly, so take a look at our info page to see what's new and get the latest updates.

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