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Get to know the main Jira Service Desk features

Once you have navigated to your service desk, you’ll find the sidebar, which has helpful features which you may want to use.


Queues are where your agents work on customer requests. As a project administrator, you’ll set up and configure queues to triage requests to the right service desk agents. Your agents will then view and work on these requests from your queues.


You can use reports to visualize trends in your service desk. As a project administrator, you can also set up custom reports to discover new trends not displayed by the default reports.


Channels are where you can find the ways customers send you requests. Here, you can get details for your email, help center, and widget channels.

Project settings

Project settings are where you can configure your service desk. Here, you can set up request types, link your service desk to an email account, manage users, and more.

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