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Create and edit SLA time metrics

To create and edit SLA time metrics:

  1. Set up a new SLA or select an existing SLA. Learn more about setting up an SLA.

  2. Click Edit.

  3. Set the Start condition. This condition sets when the time starts counting for the SLA. If you set two start conditions, the SLA measures the time when an issue meets either of the conditions.

  4. Set the Pause on (Optional) condition. This condition is optional. It may be used, for example, when you are waiting for a customer to respond.

  5. Set the Stop condition. This condition sets when the counting for the SLA is complete.

  6. If the goals have been added, click Create (for a new SLA) or Save (for an existing SLA). The SLA can’t be saved until goals have been added. Learn more about creating and editing SLA goals.

  7. Click Save to confirm your changes.

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