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What is the Insight objects field?

Insight in Jira Service Management is a Premium and Enterprise only feature. It is compatible only with company-managed projects. Learn more about Insight.

Creating a custom Insight object field allows your team to access Insight objects directly from the issue view. This is a powerful feature of Insight in Jira Service Management that can help your agents get the context they need to resolve an issue or request quickly and effectively.

Adding an object (i.e. as a value) to the Insight custom field creates a link between an issue and an object. This then allows you to see all of the connected issues from the object view.

This is useful for incident management because you can use the graph to traverse through dependencies and understand where things have gone wrong.

It’s also useful for change management because it allows you to see the bigger picture and evaluate risk when you can see what depends on the item you’re making changes to.


Last modified on Mar 4, 2021
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