Navigate in your service desk project using the project sidebar

You can use the project sidebar to navigate around your service desk. This provides quick access to the main service desk functions.

The main options on your project sidebar include:


The Queues option displays lists of requests raised by your customers. They are to-do lists for your team to work through.


The Customers option displays a directory of all the customers and organisations who can send requests to your service desk. You can view, add or manage customers here.


The Reports option allows you to view trends that are occurring in your service desk. You can get an overview of who's working on what and how your team is tracking to meet their goals.

Raise a request

If you get walkups or take requests from telephone calls, this option lets you raise a request on behalf of your customers. Work with them to fill out the appropriate request form and your team's all set to help them out.

Knowledge base

The knowledge base option lets you search for answers in your team's collection of help articles. If you don't find what you're looking for you can quickly create a new article, or navigate into the knowledge base to add information. This option may not appear in your project sidebar if your team hasn't linked a Confluence space to your project.


The Channels option provides the links to your customer’s help center and email address.

Invite team

This option allows you to invite agents to join your service desk. Agents will be notified via email of the invitation.

Add item

This option allows you to add useful and regularly used shortcuts for your team. The item will be displayed in the project sidebar.

Project settings

The Project settings option is used by Jira and project admins to perform administrative functions such as setting up and configuring permissions. If you are not an admin you will not have access to this menu.

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