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View, sort, and edit issue activity in the old issue view

We're rolling out a new issue view for Jira Service Management, with one consistent screen to view and edit issues. It looks a little different and some procedures have changed slightly. Learn more about the new issue view.

The Activity section in the issue view enables you to track the activity on an issue in several different ways.

Learn how to sort an issue’s activity by newest or oldest first.


Under Comments, you can see all comments made on the issue.


Under History, you can see a complete record of changes made to an issue. You’ll be able to see when:

  • issues were linked, or issue links were deleted

  • issue fields were created or deleted

  • attachments were added

  • comments or worklog items were deleted

  • the issue’s status changed

For each history item, you can see:

  • who made the change

  • when the change was made

  • if an issue field was changed, the new and old values of the field


Worklogs are linked to time tracking. Every time a log is added in the time tracking feature of the issue, it shows up under Worklogs.

To edit or delete the information contained in these worklogs, select Edit or Delete.

All activity

To view all of the activity on an issue – comments, history, and worklogs – select All.

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