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Object hash settings for Insight Discovery

At the root folder of the Discovery Tool you can find a file called ObjectHashSettings.xml. This xml file defines which attributes are used to build the Object Hash.

For example:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 <!-- VirtualGuestInfo Attributes --> <VirtualGuestInfo_Name>true</VirtualGuestInfo_Name> <VirtualGuestInfo_Hostname>true</VirtualGuestInfo_Hostname> <VirtualGuestInfo_State>false</VirtualGuestInfo_State> <VirtualGuestInfo_RAM>false</VirtualGuestInfo_RAM> <VirtualGuestInfo_UUID>true</VirtualGuestInfo_UUID> <VirtualGuestInfo_ConfigurationFile>false</VirtualGuestInfo_ConfigurationFile> <VirtualGuestInfo_FirstNICMAC>false</VirtualGuestInfo_FirstNICMAC>

Here you can see that for the VirtualGuest object, the attributes NameHostname and UUID will be used to build the Object Hash.

Please note that manually changing these settings will create a new object hash for the "same" object, this will create "duplicates" in Insight when importing that data.

If you make changes to these settings, you may have to remove duplicate or unwanted information.

Last modified on Oct 11, 2021
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