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Insight JQL Functions

Insight in Jira Service Management is a Premium and Enterprise only feature. It is compatible only with company-managed projects. Learn more about Insight.

Insight supports a specific JQL function called iqlFunction, which allows you to query issues containing an Insight object custom field, using Insight Query Language (IQL). This allows you to further filter issue results based on the Insight database (e.g. attributes of Insight objects).

More details on how IQL is constructed can be found here.



1 iqlFunction(iql)

Supported fields

Insight object custom field

Supported operators



In the following JQL examples, we’ve used a field called customField to represent an Insight object custom field (the name of the field is defined by the Jira admin).

  • Find issues where a website is reported and where the customer account manager is Mathias Edblom:
    customField in iqlFunction("Customer.\"Account Manager\" = \"Mathias Edblom\"")

  • Find issues where an application is reported and where the application is installed on a virtual server:
    customField in iqlFunction("Host.Virtual = true")

Using the IQL function with an object schema or specifying an object type in the IQL will significantly increase performance. If the IQL function is used when calculating JSM SLA's for instance, try to limit the IQL by adding object type name, schema id or object key as this will decrease the execution time of the query.


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