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Export data from Insight Discovery to Insight Cloud

Insight Discovery can be configured to scan a part of your network and automatically export the resulting data to Insight in Jira Service Management when a scan completes.

To follow this tutorial, you need Insight in Jira Service Management Enterprise or Insight in Jira Service Management Premium, as well as Insight Discovery installed on your system.

Insight Discovery can be downloaded via a link in the Atlassian Marketplace. It is free, and will run on Windows and Linux systems. Learn more about Insight Discovery.

To configure Insight Discovery to automatically upload, import, and synchronise data with Insight:

Configure Insight Discovery

  1. Download and extract the Insight Discovery software package.

  2. Prepare Insight Discovery by configuring options:

    1. Configure common settings

    2. Configure patterns

    3. Configure scan settings

    4. Configure credentials.

  3. Run Insight Discovery using the command prompt.

  4. Insight Discovery will generate a data file containing detailed information about your network and the devices in it. That file will appear in the ‘Scan’ folder.

Configure Insight in Jira Service Management

  1. If you have not already created an object schema, create one now.

  2. In your object schema, create a new import configuration.

  3. In the ‘Create import configuration’ screen, select Discovery Import.

  4. In the Create Import configuration - Module fields screen, select the file you created in Insight Discovery (above).

  5. Select Save import configuration.

  6. In the ‘Create Insight structure or Import configuration?’ screen, select Close. The import connection should automatically create a structure and configuration for the data it receives from Insight Discovery.

    In some cases, the import connection might fail to create a structure and configuration automatically. If this occurs, you may have to create both the structure and configuration manually.

  7. Back in the Import configuration screen, select the cogwheel at the far right of the import configuration you have just created and click Generate token.

  8. Record the token created by Insight.

Synchronise Insight Discovery with Insight

  1. Configure Insight Discovery.

  2. Select the Common tab.

  3. Select Export Type and change from None to Cloud.

  4. Enter your saved Insight token.

  5. Exit Insight Discovery configuration.

  6. Review your results. Your object schema should now contain object types, objects, and attributes imported from Insight Discovery.

Now that Insight Discovery is configured to export directly to Insight, the results of any Insight Discovery scans - either manual or scheduled - will automatically upload, import, and synchronise with Insight.

If you are using Insight Discovery 3.1.3 or later, you can have multiple imports of the same import structure queued at the same time.

If you are using the Insight Discovery Collector to join multiple XML files into a single ZIP file to be imported into Insight, all of the XML files in your package must have the same start date.

In the event that any of the XML files in the package have different start dates, only the data from the oldest files in the package will be imported.





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