Disable service desk notifications for internal users

If you have an internal service desk where all your help seekers have Jira licenses, you might want to disable service desk notifications while keeping Jira notifications. To do this, you can disable the customer scheme and work from the licensed user scheme.

You must be a Jira administrator to disable the customer scheme.

To disable the customer scheme:

  1. Go to ( or ) > Jira settings > Products > Jira Service Desk > Configuration.

  2. Under Notifications, select Yes to send Jira notifications to customers.

  3. Go to your service desk project.

  4. From your service desk project, go to Project settings () > Customer notifications.

  5. For each rule, turn off Enable.

  6. Go to your Jira notification scheme and customize the notifications for your help seekers, agents, and admins.

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