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Transition an issue through its workflow from the issue view

We're rolling out a new issue view for Jira Service Management, with one consistent screen to view and edit requests. It looks a little different and some procedures have changed slightly, so take a look at our info page to see what's new and get the latest updates.


When you work on issues, you can move it through its workflow. This depends on the request type your project administrator set up.

Both administrators and agents can transition an issue.

To transition an issue:

  1. Go to the issue view of the customer request you want to transition.

  2. Select View workflow next to Status to see the issue’s workflow.

  3. Hover over the line connecting your current workflow status and the workflow status to transition to.

  4. Note the transition name and click Close.

  5. Use the Workflow dropdown in the action bar to choose the transition you want.

Usually, issues are completed when you transition them to a Resolved status.

Last modified on Mar 14, 2020
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