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Respond with an article from the new issue view

To send customers to information on Confluence pages, quickly attach knowledge base articles to send to your customers from the issue view.

You must have a linked Confluence instance to search or create knowledge base articles from the issue view.

To search or create a knowledge base article from the issue view:

  1. Open the issue view of a request.

  2. Find the Knowledge Base field, then select Search or create an article.

  3. Search for an article, or select + Create an article.

  4. Hover the article, then select the Share as comment() button.

  5. Edit your comment.

  6. Select Save to reply to the customer.

Knowledge base field in issue view with highlighted 'Search or create an article' link
  1. Title of the Knowledge Base field.

  2. Link to Search or create an article.

Last modified on Mar 14, 2020
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