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Add Services, Alerts, and On-call to your sidebar navigation

Jira Service Management has a number of features that come out-of-the-box for IT service management (ITSM) projects, but can be enabled in other projects such as customer service, HR, facility or legal projects.

  • Alerts and On-call can be enabled for all project types.

  • Services is only available for ITSM projects.

You need to be a Jira admin to enable these features for your service project.

To add Alerts or On-call to your non-ITSM project:

  1. Go to Project settings () > Features.

  2. Use the toggle to enable the features you’d like to use.

You can now leave project settings to see the changes in your sidebar navigation - you’ll see them under the 'Operations’ heading.

Set up your new features by selecting them in your sidebar navigation and following the instructions in each section.

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Last modified on Mar 26, 2021
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