What are Jira Service Desk next-gen projects?

Next-gen Jira Service Desk projects are faster to set up, simpler to use, and give project admins a lot of control over configuration without having to involve a site admin as often as with Classic projects. For expert or power-user levels of configuration, Classic may be your best option. However, if you need to get started quickly, next-gen projects would be a great fit for you.

There is currently no migration path between next-gen and classic projects so check the feature list below to see which project might suit your needs the best.

Classic service desk

  • Advanced setup and configuration

  • Classic look and feel

  • Great for expert Jira users

  • Expert configuration

  • Managed by Jira admins

  • Detailed permissions

  • Classic workflow editor

  • Asset management

  • Language support

  • Approvals

  • Agent notifications

  • Customer transitions

Next-gen service desk

  • Easy setup and reimagined features

  • Updated look and feel

  • New features added regularly

  • Easy and fast to set up

  • Managed by project members

  • Simplified permissions

  • Easy to use workflow editor

  • Asset management

  • Language support

  • Approvals COMING SOON

  • Agent notifications COMING SOON

  • Customer transitions COMING SOON

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