Make queues for your team

Your teams will spend the majority of their time working out of the queues you set up. Agents do not have the permissions to add new queues or configure existing ones; however, Jira Service Desk queues allow you to automatically triage and prioritize issues for them. If you want your team to focus on requests that must be completed by next week, for example, you can set up a queue that only contains requests with a set due date in that week.

Your site comes with preconfigured queues (e.g. Unassigned issues), but let's go ahead and create a queue for your team to look at wi-fi access requests:

  1. From your service desk project, go to Queues.

  2. Select New queue and name your first new queue "Wi-fi access requests."

  3. Define the issues you want to appear in this queue by selecting the following criteria in the Issues to show menu:

    1. In the Resolution dropdown, select Unresolved.

    2. Select the Advanced link. You'll see a query for your resolution. This is called JQL and it's a super powerful way to find exactly what you need across all Jira products.

    3. For now, we'll use JQL to look for "Get guest wi-fi access" requests in your service desk. Type the following into the field:

resolution = Unresolved AND "Request Type"="Get guest wi-fi access (MFSD)"

You'll notice that Jira tries to autocomplete your query where it can. The green tick () means that the query is valid. A red x ()means something isn't formatted correctly.

Below the fields, you can see a live preview of the requests that fit into the queue you're creating. If you've set it all up correctly, you should see your "Test wi-fi request" in that list.

Screenshot of edit queue — Wi-fi access requests

Select Save to save your queue and view it.

Screenshot of queues view of Wi-fi access requests

You now have a queue for your wi-fi requests!

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