How is IT Infrastructure Library used in Jira Service Desk?

IT service management (ITSM) is how you manage the delivery of end-to-end IT services for your customers based on best practice. One of the most commonly adopted best practice frameworks for ITSM is IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

ITIL is a set of practices that focus on aligning IT services with business needs. ITIL is the most widely accepted approach to ITSM and can help IT organizations realize business change, transformation, and growth.

Jira Service Desk provides default ITSM templates (such as standard workflows) so you can customize your service desk to meet your company's rules, regulations and requirements. Jira Service Desk also provides metrics out of the box, and gives you the ability to drill down and export if you want to do more advanced business intelligence.

Your new service desk comes with a service catalogue, ITIL workflows and basic reports. If you bundle Jira Service Deskwith Confluence, you can also create a Confluence knowledge base.

Learn how to create a project using a service desk template.

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