How do you automatically present articles to customers in a request?

Knowledge base articles can be set to be automatically presented to customers as they fill in a request form. This allows customers to troubleshoot their own issues.

Labels can be added to articles that search for the required article based of specific key words entered in the request.

To suggest articles for certain request types:

  1. From your service desk project, go to Project settings () > Knowledge base.

  2. Under Auto-search on request forms, choose Yes for Search KB next to the request types you want to suggest articles for.

  3. Optionally Restrict to articles with labels by selecting it for the request type and typing in the label name. To make it easy for agents who write articles to remember which label to use, we recommend using a label similar to the request form.

Turn on auto search on request forms

Unfortunately this functionality is not yet available in next-gen projects.

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