Embed a widget onto a web page

Before you use the widget, make sure:

  • You’re a project administrator.

  • You have an open portal.

  • If you want to use a knowledge base, the knowledge base Viewing access is set to Anyone.

To embed a widget:

  1. From your service desk project, go to Project settings () > Widget.

  2. Choose the widget options that fit your needs.

  3. Select Save to confirm your widget settings.

  4. Copy the generated code to your web page(s). If you update options later, we'll automatically update the widget. No need to re-copy the code.

When you choose a default request type for the widget, you might see an error message saying the request type isn't valid. Usually, this means the request type has a required field that we can't yet render in the widget. To use that request type, make the field optional.

Requests created via a widget will not appear in agent queues if the customer selects a request type that has the assignee as a hidden field and the pre-selected user is not valid. To ensure all requests are received, check the request type pre-selected user is a valid assignee (e.g. they have not been deleted, lost permission, lost their license, were deactivated, etc).

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