Customize the fields of a request type

The fields and descriptions that appear in a request type are based on the fields configured for the issue type it's based on. However, you are able to edit your request type fields or add new ones.

You must be a project administrator to customize fields on request types.

To customize fields for a request type:

  1. From your service desk project, go to Project settings () > Request types.

  2. Select Edit fields for the request type you want to customize.

  3. Edit the fields you want to change, or select +Add a field to add a new field.

How to create new field types for request types

Every request type is based on the issue type selected when you create it.

To make new fields available for request types, you need to add new fields to their associated issue types. To do this, you’ll need to edit the screen for that issue type (this is what determines the layout for an issue).

You must be a Jira admin to add or remove fields in a screen.

To add or remove fields for a screen:

  1. From your service desk project, go to Project settings () > Screens.

  2. Click the > to expand the relevant screen scheme.

  3. Select the View issue screen.

  4. Add or remove the desired fields.

You should now be able to use these fields when adding a new field to a request type.

NOTE: Changing a screen will affect all issue types that use that screen.

To add fields that don't exist yet, see Add a new custom field to a project.

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