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Create and edit SLAs in next-gen service projects

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) will help you track your customer service performance. These can be set up new, or you can edit existing SLAs.

You must be an admin to create or edit SLAs.

To create or edit SLAs:

  1. From your service project sidebar, go to Service project settings () > SLAs.

  2. Click +New Metric to create a new SLA or select an existing one.

  3. Name the SLA by creating a new name or selecting an existing one. You can’t change this later, so choose a name that clearly explains what it measures.

  4. Set the Start, Pause on (optional), and Stop conditions. These determine the time starts, pauses, and stops for the SLA. You can set multiple conditions for each, SLAs will start, pause, or stop whenever any conditions specified in the SLA configuration are met.

  5. Under Goals, enter your Issues (JQL), Goal, and Calendar. Learn more about using JQL.

  6. Click Create (for a new SLA) or Save (for an existing SLA).

You can set up a new SLA using an existing name or create a new name. If you create a new name, all users on your Jira site can then use the new SLA. If you use an existing name, you can only use the new SLA in your service project.

It's the name, not the SLA metric information, that's copied to all service projects on your Jira site.

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Last modified on Jan 7, 2021
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