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Customize your help center in next-gen projects

As an overview of all your service projects, changes made to your help center will affect all your customer portals. You can customize:

  • Language - The default language customers see in the help center when their profile or detected language isn’t available. You can choose from languages that have been added to your service project.

  • Announcement - The message customers see when they go to your help center.

  • Help center name - This name is shown at the top (in navigation breadcumbs) when people browse your help center. If you haven’t added a logo, this name will also show in the top left of your help center and portals.

  • Front page title - This name will sit at the top of the page and let your customers know where they are when they first arrive.

  • Logo - Add your company logo to show your brand. If you don't add a logo, your help center name will show here instead.

  • Banner - The image at the top of your help center. You can upload a banner of your own or use the default one. The recommended banner size is 1680x360.

  • Banner background, link, and button color - The color of the default banner, links, and buttons.

  • Help center banner text color - The color of the front page title.

Learn more about customizing the portal.

You must be a Jira admin to customize your help center.

To customize your help center:

  1. From your service project, go to Service project settings () > Channels > Customer portal.

  2. In the portal, select Help center look and feel.

  3. Customize as you like.

  4. Click Save changes.

Are you on the right help page?

If you don’t have an image in the lower-left of your service project sidebar which states you're in a next-gen project, check out these classic project articles instead.

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Last modified on Nov 13, 2020
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