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Choose your default email notification style in next-gen

Most people use HTML email, but some customers do prefer a plain text email - usually because of their mail client.

If the default email type is set to HTML, customers can select the HTML or plain text view in their mail client. If your customers use a plain text mail client, change your default setting and apply it to all.

You must be a Jira admin to set the default email type.

To set the default email type:

  1. Choose Settings () > System.

  2. Under User Interface, select Default user preferences.

  3. Select Edit default values.

  4. Change the Email format to HTML or text and select Update. At this point, the email format you have selected will only be applied to new customers.

  5. If you also want to override the email format chosen by existing customers and agents, select Apply under Actions.

  6. Select Update to finish applying the email preference to all user accounts.

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Last modified on Nov 10, 2020
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