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Add domains to the allowlist

Emails received from domain names in the allowlist are never filtered out, regardless of the content of the message. Add trusted domains to the allowlist so you'll always receive their messages in your queues.

You must be a project admin to add, edit, and remove domains from the allowlist. Learn about global and project permissions.

To add a trusted domain to the allowlist:

  1. From your service project, select Project settings ()> Email requests.

  2. Select more () > Manage allowlist.

  3. Select +Add domain name.

  4. Enter the domain name (do not include @).

  5. Select the check mark () to save.

Your domain will appear in the allowlist.

  • Currently, allowlists only support exact domain matching. For example, adding 'example.com' will match 'anyuser@example.com' but not 'anyuser@example.com.au' or 'anyuser@mail.example.com'.

  • The allowlist does not currently support individual email addresses, wildcards, or pattern matching.

  • If an email appears to be spam or phishing because it fails DMARC sender verification, it will be filtered out regardless of your allowlist settings.

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