Changes to requests in the new issue view

We're gradually rolling out changes to the issue view of requests, and this page walks you through the most important details.

What's changed?

We've grouped key actions and information in a logical way, making it easier for you to scan and update requests.

Keep up with the latest changes to the new issue view over on our updates page.

JSD Cloud - Annotated issue view
  1. Quick-add buttons: Link requests and issues, and add content from Atlassian Marketplace apps.

  2. Watch and more actions: Watch the request, and perform other request actions like move and clone.

  3. Transition requests: Quickly get from waiting for support to resolved, and any status or workflow step in between.

  4. Request details: SLAs, request participants, and other information to help describe the request.

  5. Docked comment bar: Always there, so you can quickly add a comment no matter how far you've scrolled.

  6. Customer request information: Request information entered by customers is organized in one place.


Goodbye to separate view and edit screens

The new issue view has just one screen, where you view, edit, transition, and comment. Click any field you see to edit it inline.

JSD Cloud - Inline edit fields in issue view

Show more

Requests can get busy, and it can be tough to look at everything at once. Click Show more in the details section of the request to reveal empty fields that aren't always shown on the new issue view.

JSD Cloud - Show more in issue view

Quick-add for linked issues and apps

The quick-add buttons are a key part of the consistency of the new issue view—they're always there, right under the request summary. Use them to link issues, and add apps from Atlassian Marketplace.

JSD Cloud - Quick add in issue view
  1. Quick-add buttons: Link issues and add content from Atlassian Marketplace apps via the ••• button.

Simple transitions

No more workflow-step buttons to transition requests—just the status and one place to click to transition a request. Click the status and choose a transition or status to move the request to.

JSD Cloud - Workflow transitions in issue view

Comment from anywhere

The new docked comment bar is always there. Even with hundreds of comments on a request, it's one click and no scrolling to start your comment.

JSD Cloud - Comment bar in issue view

New Atlassian editor

We're also rolling out a new editor as part of the new issue view, with a cleaner look and markdown support. The editor converts things like links, code, and markdown on-the-fly, so you can paste in your content and let the editor do the work.

Here are some common markdown formatting options:

  • ## This is H2 style (we support H2–H5)

  • **bold** for bold

  • *italic* for italic

  • ``` for a code block

  • [this is link text]( for this is link text

  • * for bulleted lists (like this one 😉)

  • 1. for numbered lists

JSD Cloud - Inline edit fields in issue view

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