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Attach files and screenshots to issues

To share information with your customers, you can attach documents, images, and screenshots to your Jira Service Desk issues. You can also restrict attachments to be viewed by your internal team only.

The Free plans for Jira Software, Jira Service Desk, and Jira Core have a file storage limit of 2 GB per product. The Standard plan allows up to 250 GB per product, and file storage is unlimited on Premium plans. Learn more

If you're a Jira admin, you can change file permissions for projects.

Add attachments

You can add files and images to any issue in your service desk project. When working on an issue, drag and drop a file onto the issue or select in the comments bar. You then have the option to add a comment with more information about the attachment, and then share the file and comment with your customer or with your internal team only.

The paperclip icon in the comment bar
Attachments window in Jira Service Desk allows you to find or drag and drop images from your device

Connect your file storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive in the add attachment dialog to add your cloud-hosted files to issues.

When adding or editing a comment, you can also select to add files and images.

To link issues and add content from Marketplace apps in the new issue view, you can use the ••• quick-add button above the issue summary.

You can add subtasks, link issues and add marketplace apps to an issue via the buttons at the top of the issue view.

Some considerations for attached files:

  • File formats: GIFs, JPGs, PNGs

  • File names can't contain any of these characters: '\', '/','\"', '%', ':', '$', '?', '*'.

  • By default, the maximum size of any one file is 10MB, but your Jira admin can change this limit.

Access ZIP file contents

You can view the contents of a zip file (including '.zip' or '.jar' file name extensions) in the attachments section. Click the down-arrow and select List. In list view, click the arrow icon in front of the zipped file's name to view and download its individual files. If a file is located within a subdirectory of the zipped file, the path to that file is indicated in the content of the zipped file. To download the entire zip file, click Download Zip.

Capture and attach screenshots

You can capture a screenshot and drop or paste it directly onto an issue.

  1. Capture a screenshot

  2. Drop or paste the image onto the issue

  3. Optionally add a comment

  4. Choose Reply to customer or Add internal note

The screenshot feature only works with Windows or Mac client. If you use another operating system, you can attach a screenshot using the file attachment feature. For Linux users, please see our article for enabling this feature.

Last modified on May 7, 2020
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