Compass コンポーネントとは

You can use Compass components in company-managed projects. Because they’re cataloged in Compass, they can be used across multiple projects.

Compass コンポーネントは Jira 自動化ではまだサポートされていませんが、サポート対象になる予定です。

A Compass component represents a piece of software, like a microservice, library, or application. Together, they make up your software architecture, and are cataloged in Compass, a developer experience tool.

Compass components include information about who owns it, how to interact with it, how it’s performing, and it dependence on other components in your software architecture.

So, by grouping issues in your project around pieces of software (Compass components), teams can understand the status and impact of their work on their wider software architecture, and surface information to move that work forward.

Once Compass has been added to your site, anyone on that site can configure Compass components and link issues to them.