Confluence Cloud ページにロードマップを追加する

This page refers to the roadmap view in Jira Software and not Advanced Roadmaps, the cross-project planning tool only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

特に明記されていない限り、 Jira Softwareロードマップ ビューは、企業管理対象プロジェクトとチーム管理対象プロジェクトの両方で同じです。


You can add your team's roadmap to a Confluence Cloud page using the Jira Roadmap macro. A roadmap on a Confluence Cloud page updates in real-time, and users with adequate permissions can interact with it the same way that they interact with it in Jira Software.

To insert your roadmap into a Confluence Cloud page:

  1. From your roadmap, copy the URL from your browser.

  2. Go to the Confluence Cloud page on which you want to add your roadmap, and enter edit mode by selecting the Edit icon or using keyboard shortcut “e”.

  3. Paste your link in the place where you want it to appear on your Confluence Cloud page. Confluence Cloud automatically adds the Jira Roadmap macro and displays your roadmap.

  4. ページを公開します。

Alternatively, you can summon the Jira Roadmap plugin in Confluence Cloud using either the keyboard shortcut “/roadmap” or by selecting Jira Roadmap from the macro menu (+) at the top of the editor. From there, you can manually add the Jira instance URL, then choose your project and board.