Compass コンポーネントの設定

Compass components can be configured by anyone, and used in company-managed projects.

Compass コンポーネントの作成

  1. プロジェクト サイドバーから [コンポーネント] を選択します。

  2. Next to Create component, check that the project is using Compass components and not Jira components. If it’s switched to Jira components, your project admin will need to switch to Compass components.

  3. Select Create component to open Compass in a new tab.

  4. Fill out the new component’s information.

    1. The component type is what it represents as a piece of your software architecture.

    2. The component name is used in an issue’s Components field, and when searching for the component in the project.

    3. The owner team is the group of people responsible for managing the component.

    4. The repository link is where your component is represented in your source code (if applicable). Adding this will help populate source code events on the component in Compass.

  5. [保存] を選択します。

The new component will appear in Compass. Anyone in the project can now link issues to the Compass component, after which it’ll appear on the project’s Components page.

Compass コンポーネントの編集

  1. プロジェクト サイドバーから [コンポーネント] を選択します。

  2. Select the name of the component you want to edit. Compass will open in a new tab.

  3. Change any component information you need to. If any of that information appears in Jira Software, it will be updated too.

Compass コンポーネントの削除

This will delete the component from Compass, and it’ll be removed from any Jira Software projects and issues it was linked to.

  1. In your project sidebar, select Components.

  2. Select the name of the component you want to delete. Compass will open in a new tab.

  3. コンポーネントの [概要] ページで、[その他のアクション] > [削除] の順に選択します。