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Edit issues in bulk from the backlog

We’re continuously adding to this feature to include more complex cases. For now, you can only select statuses that don’t require transition screens.

If you need to move issues to a status that requires transition screens, you can transition issues using our original bulk change experience

You can perform bulk edits from the backlog view in your Jira Software project. To select multiple issues from the backlog, you can either:

  • use the issue checkboxes

  • hold Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) while selecting issues

  • hold the Shift key to select a group of adjacent issues

You can only select up to 1000 issues at once for bulk editing.

Once you’ve chosen the issues you’d like to edit, select Edit from the toolbar that appears.

Editing issue fields

Edit > Fields allows you to make changes in bulk to the fields in the issues like the work log or the description. When you select Edit > Fields, a sidebar will open which allows you to make edits for the shared fields across selected issues.

From the bulk edit sidebar, you can:

  1. See the number of issues you’re editing at a glance.

  2. Choose what you’d like to do with the fields shared across the selected issues by clicking into the field and making direct edits. Some fields may require you to choose from a handful of options. The options depend on the type of field, but may include:

    1. Keep as is - Make no changes to that field across the selected issues.

    2. Add new - Add new values to what’s already there across the selected issues.

    3. Find and remove - Remove a specific value from the field across the selected issues.

    4. Replace all - Replace the existing content for that field across all selected issues.

    5. Remove all - Remove all values from the field across the selected issues.

You can search for additional fields you may want to edit using the search bar.

When you’re done editing, select Next to review your changes on a confirmation screen.

Editing issue status

Edit > Status allows you to transition selected issues through their workflow. For example, you could move 50 issues from the In progress status to the Done status.

If your selected issues don’t share the same statuses or transitions, this will open the bulk edit sidebar. Issues from the same workflow will be grouped together and you can select a new status for each group.

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