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Filter issues on your plan

You can search for specific issues on your timeline or narrow the scope of what’s displayed in your plan by filtering issues using the Filters menu.


  • Hierarchy - View issues between two specific hierarchy levels.

  • Issue details - Show issues that contain a keyword or phrase.

  • Releases — See all issues assigned to a specific release.

  • Teams — Filter by teams in the plan.

  • Assignees — Filter by assignees in the plan, as well as users which belong to included teams.

  • Sprints — Show only issues from any sprint included in your plan. You can also filter by sprint state (completed, future, external, etc). Read more about sprints states.

  • Projects — Show only issues from any project included in your plan.

  • Goals — Filter by Atlas goals to show links between granular work and outcomes.

  • Priorities — Show only issues of a certain priority level in your plan.

  • Issue types —  Only show issues of a certain type. What's available depends on the Jira issue types mapped to Advanced Roadmaps.

  • Components — Filter by components, assuming they’re configured in your plan.

  • Labels — Filter by labels, assuming they’re configured in your plan.

  • Dependencies — Show only issues with dependencies in your plan. The dropdown menu contains the following options:

    • All issues — Show all issues included in the plan, regardless of dependencies.

    • Has dependencies — Show only issues that have dependencies.

    • Overlapping dates — Show only issues that have conflicting dependency dates.

    • Specific issue — Show dependencies related to a specific issue in your plan.

  • Reporter - Filter based on who created the issue.

  • Status — See issues based on their current status and issues created in your plan that are not yet saved in Jira.

  • Warnings - Filter issues based on the warnings that apply to them.

Custom filters

You can filter by custom fields if they’re configured for your plan. Learn how to configure custom fields in your plan.

 Your plan supports five custom field types as filters:

  • single-choice select

  • multiple-choice select

  • checkbox

  • radio button

  • label

Additional Help