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Issue limits in company-managed projects

This page applies to company-managed projects only.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.

Issues display on the board, backlog, and timeline depending on the Jira Query Language (JQL) filter.

To make a board that only shows issues you want included, you can create an board issue filter based on a JQL query. For example, you may create a board that includes issues from multiple projects, one project, or from a particular component of a project. Learn more about issue filters. 

To configure a filter on a board, you must be either:

  • project administrator for the location of the board

  • board administrator for the board itself


Although the filter might include thousands issues, the board, backlog, and timeline can only display 5000 at one time.

If the JQL filter includes more than 5000 issues, your board or project admin will need to adjust the filter, or create an additional board to split the results. Edit a board filter on a company-managed board.

If the timeline still struggles to display after you’ve adjusted the board’s filter, the filter might include more than one project. Read about the timeline for multiple projects.

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