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Work suggestions from connected tools

The information in this article is relevant to Early Access users.

Work suggestions for developers:

When you're in the middle of a sprint, and you finish a task, it can be hard to know exactly what to do next. Automated suggestions from connected tools are specifically chosen for you. This will help you decide which tasks to do next and keep momentum.

Types of suggestions:

  • Pull requests that have you added as a reviewer.

  • Pull requests with requested changes.

  • Failed deployments related to issues currently assigned to you.

  • Failed builds related to issues currently assigned to you.

  • Critical security vulnerabilities related to issues in your sprint.

  • Issues currently assigned to you blocking one or more issues in your sprint.

How to view your suggestions:

  1. Go to your Jira board and select your avatar.

  2. The Work suggestions panel will slide open with your customized suggestions. Hover over any of the suggestions to view tooltips with more information.

  3. Select the suggestion to view more information about the task.

How to hide and bring back the Work Suggestions panel:

  1. Select the x icon to hide the panel from you board view.

  2. To bring back the panel, simply select the icon next to your avatar. This will open the panel again for you to view your suggestions whenever you want.

Work suggestions on Jira board

Having visibility over work that may cause bottlenecks will help you take action right away. These suggestions offer information at a glance that makes it easy to plan your work and stay ahead of what needs to be done.

Snooze a suggestion: Temporarily remove a suggestion from your list for 24 hours.

Remove a suggestion: Permanently remove a suggestion from your list on the panel.

Good to know: Your suggestions are only visible to you and won’t be visible to other team members or admins.

For more on managing this feature visit your personal settings. Simply select your avatar from the top toolbar to find this option in the menu.

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