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Pin a field to the top of an issue

Scrolling through long lists of fields can be frustrating, especially when you only use a few of them. Pin your most important, useful, and frequently used fields to the top of an issue. Your pinned fields will appear on all issues within a project.

For example, if you pin the Due date field on a bug, Due date will be pinned for all other issue types with that field (like stories and tasks) in a given project.

Your pinned fields are completely personal. Only you can see the fields you’ve pinned, and your teammates will only see the fields they’ve pinned.

To pin a field:

  1. Open an issue.

  2. Hover over the name of the field you want to pin.

  3. Select the pin icon that appears.

The pinned field should now appear at the top of your issue. If you pin more than one field to the top of your issue, you’ll be able to re-order them. If you want to copy information from any of your pinned fields, you’ll need to hold the ctrl key if you’re using a Windows device or the command key if you’re using an Apple device.

You can drag and drop pinned fields to reorder them.

To unpin a field, hover over the pin icon and select it the same way you pinned it.

You can’t pin fields from marketplace apps.

Pin fields and reorder them in an issue using Jira Software

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