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What is the command palette?

The command palette lets you seamlessly work in Jira with just your keyboard. Use the command palette to find work, perform actions on issues, and navigate to key places in Jira.

Open the command palette

  • If you’re a Mac user, press command + K to open the command palette.

  • If you’re a Windows user, press Ctrl + K to open the command palette.

The command palette won’t open if it looks like you’re trying to edit or type something so make sure you haven’t clicked into a field (like a search bar, or the priority field of an issue).

What about the shortcut to add a link?
If you're editing something in a free text field (like description, comment, etc.), the command palette will not open and that shortcut will instead allow you to add a link.

Using command palette

A screenshot of the command palette in its default state when opened in a project.
  1. Search for commands using the search bar.

  2. Use a forward slash / in the search bar to search for:

    1. Issues

    2. Projects

    3. Boards

    4. Filters

  3. A chevron ( > ) on the far right of a command indicates that, when you hit enter, you’ll stay in the command palette to perform that action. If there is no chevron, the command palette will simply close and perform the selected action.

  4. If there is a keyboard shortcut already associated with a command, we’ll show it in the command palette. Keyboard shortcuts work in Jira without needing to open the command palette. In the example above, you can just press 1 to navigate to the backlog in your project at any time. Learn more about keyboard shortcuts

  5. Give feedback on your experience using the command palette to help us continually improve the feature and make it the best it can be.


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