Understand insights on the board in company-managed projects

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We’re rolling this feature out right now. If you don’t see insights just yet, sit tight. They’ll land in your company-managed project in the next week.

Sprint progress

A cropped screenshot of the sprint progress insight card. The data is visualised showing work is done + most in progress.

Hit every daily scrum meeting with a dose of insights. As you run through your board, see how your sprint’s tracking to understand the likelihood of completion.

Understand exactly how your sprint's progressing across each status category, making it easier for you and your team to pivot, set expectations, or see work through.

The bar is split by the number of story points, or issues, assigned to each status category. If your project has story points enabled, the progress bar will update when points are added to each issue.

So, at a glance, you can understand the portion (and percentage) of work that hasn't been started, is in progress, or done.

Hover over each status category section to see a breakdown by story point or issue count.

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