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Create a cross-project release in Advanced Roadmaps

Advanced Roadmaps is only available as part of Jira Software Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

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To create a cross-project release in Advanced Roadmaps:

  1. Select Releases from the view selector dropdown menu, then select Create cross-project release in the upper right of the screen.

  2. Name your release and choose the release you want to add. Then select Add release.

  3. Repeat to add as many releases as necessary.

  4. When you’re happy with your release, select Create and your new release will be added to the plan.

Cross-project releases are only used in Advanced Roadmaps and cannot be saved to your issues in Jira.

A cross-project release is a way to align multiple single-project releases, and is only used for planning purposes in Advanced Roadmaps. They can’t be saved back to your Jira issues. When you save a cross-project release, only the single-project release associated with the teams in your plan will be updated.

To learn more about how cross-project releases are used in Advanced Roadmaps, see the How do single-project and cross-project releases differ? page.


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