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Get help with Jira Cloud

How can we help you?

Choose the appropriate help resource to get your problem solved faster.

I don't know how to do something 

  1. Search Atlassian Community.

  2. Raise a support request.

Something isn't working

  1. Check the Jira knowledge base.

  2. Search Atlassian Community.

  3. Raise a support request.

If you've identified a bug but don't need further assistance, raise a bug report.

I don't like the way something works 

Raise a suggestion.

Something else?

If you need help with something else, raise a support request.

About our help resources

Atlassian Support 

Our support team handles support requests that are raised in our support system. You need to log in using your Atlassian account before you can raise support requests. 

For information on our general support policies, including support availability, SLAs, bugfixes, and more, see Atlassian Support Offerings. Note, you'll find anything security-related at Security @ Atlassian.

Atlassian Community 

The Atlassian Community is where you can ask questions and find answers about all your Atlassian products. Search current discussions, or ask a new question and have Atlassian staff and experts answer it.

The community is an ideal place if:

  • you are using an unsupported Jira instance or an unsupported Jira platform  

  • you are trying to perform an unsupported operation

  • you are developing an add-on for Jira

Jira knowledge base 

If there are known issues with a version after it has been released, the problems will be documented as articles in our knowledge base

Atlassian issue tracker 

Our official issue tracker records our backlog of bugs, suggestions, and other changes. This is open for the public to see. If you log in with your Atlassian account, you will be able to create issues, comment on issues, vote on issues, watch issues, and more.

Before you create an issue, search the existing issues to see if a similar issue has already been created.

Still need help?

The Atlassian Community is here for you.