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Create a single-project release in Advanced Roadmaps

To create a single-project release:

  1. Select Releases from the view selector dropdown menu, then select Create release that corresponds with the project to which you’d like to add a release.

  2. Add a name and description to your release. Then add a Start date and Release date.

  3. When you’re happy with your release, select Create.

Advanced Roadmaps is a sandbox environment meaning that any changes you make to your plan won’t be committed back to your Jira Software issues until you choose to do so.

Learn how to save your changes in the Review and save changes in Advanced Roadmaps section.

Release start date options:

As early as possible - The release will start as soon as there are available teams to work on the issues in the release. This is mostly only used when auto-scheudling issues.

Fixed date - Set a date

Relative to previous release date - Automatically trigger a new release a certain amount of time after the previous release finishes. For example, you can start work on the beta release one day after work for the alpha is completed.

Release date end options:

After all issues are completed - The release date is flexible and doesn’t display in the plan.

Fixed date - The release will happen on this chosen date, overriding the capacity and velocity settings. The release icons on the timeline will turn red for overbooked releases.

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