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Move issues to new statuses while updating your workflow

The information on this page can be used for both Jira and Jira Service Management. Issues refer to pieces of work in a Jira project, while requests refer to pieces of work in a Jira Service Management project.

When you delete statuses from a workflow, the workflow editor will help you move issues in those statuses to new statuses. The moving process won’t begin as soon as you remove a status from a workflow, but after you update the workflow to save it.

To move issues in deleted statuses to new statuses:

  1. Go to a workflow and delete statuses.

  2. When you’re ready to save your workflow, select Update workflow.

  3. In the modal that shows up, choose new statuses in the New status column.

  4. If you want to move some issues to other statuses, select Move issues in certain projects / issue types to other statuses and choose new statuses. Select Add exception to move more issues to other statuses.

  5. Review your changes and select Update workflow.

Regardless of what statuses you choose, workflow rules won’t be triggered. This means that Restrict transition and Validate details rules won’t stop any transitions, and Perform actions rules won’t automatically do anything.

Tip: See issues in deleted statuses

If you need to see what issues are in the statuses you’re deleting, try searching for issues and filtering by their statuses. More about searching for issues.


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