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Integrate Jira Cloud with Microsoft Teams

The Jira Cloud for Microsoft Teams app allows you to connect Jira projects to Microsoft Teams so you can see personal notifications, view issues in a tab within a Chat or Team channel, create Jira issues from comments or the message extension, and interact with Jira issues - all from within Teams.

Installing the App

1. Log into Microsoft Teams and then navigate to the bottom left corner for your apps.

The Microsoft Teams interface

2. Use the search box in the top left to find "Jira Cloud."

Searching for the Jira Cloud app in Microsoft Teams

3. Select the Jira Cloud app

The Jira Cloud app in Microsoft Teams

4. You'll see a quick preview of the app like below

Details of the Jira Cloud app in Microsoft Teams

5. You have a few options for how to add this to Microsoft Teams. We recommend adding the app to a Team Channel as most of your collaborative work will take place there. It will also install the bot to your personal view automatically so that you can set up your own personal notifications. 

Adding the Jira Cloud app to a team in Microsoft Teams

6. Follow the prompts for permissions and log in. You will then see a notification in the Chat tab letting you know the bot has been installed.

A chat notification in Microsoft Teams

7. You'll see a card sent from our bot confirming the installation like below. We recommend you Sign In and set up Personal Notifications to get started and then begin to explore!

A card with information on how to get started using Jira in Microsoft Teams

Set up Personal Notifications

  1. Navigate to the Jira Cloud app within Teams

  2. Type "notifications" to the bot

  3. Select which notifications you want to receive

  4. Click > Save

Adding a Jira tab to a Chat or Team Channel

  1. Click > + button in the top right

  2. Select > Jira Cloud

  3. Select your Cloud site

  4. Select your saved filter

  5. Click > Save

Searching for Issues

  1. Click on the Jira icon in the message composition area

  2. Select and configure your Jira Cloud site

  3. Search for your issue

  4. Click on the Issue to send in the conversation

Adding Jira to a Meeting

  1. Click > Calendar in the left menu

  2. Click > New Meeting

  3. Create a meeting title and add required attendees

  4. Click > Send and you will see the meeting on your Calendar

  5. Open the meeting and click > in the top right

  6. Select > Jira Cloud 

  7. Click > Add

  8. Select your Jira Cloud site

  9. Click > Save

  10. You will see a tab with all your work. They include issues you've worked on, recently viewed, or are assigned to. 

Uninstall the app

  1. You’ll see the Jira logo in the left panel

  2. Right-click the icon

  3. Select > Uninstall

  4. Confirm > Uninstall

Need support?

This integration is built and maintained by Atlassian. If you need support, visit https://support.atlassian.com or contact support@atlassian.com.


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