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View release information for an issue

If your administrator has connected Jira Software to a compatible release tool, a releases panel will be displayed on the View Issue screen. Depending on which tools Jira Software is connected to, the releases panel provides the following functionalities:

  • Bitbucket Cloud: view Pipelines deployments. (view and create branches, view commits, and view and create pull requests are shown on the development panel)

  • LaunchDarkly or Rollout:  Status of the releases (number of feature flags, enabled status, percentage of customers, and which have rules applied.

Before you begin

Your administrator needs to have set up Jira Software and your development tools correctly. Refer your administrator to Integrating with development tools.

Make your release information available in Jira Software


Reference the issue key in your commit message and it will display as a link in the releases panel. For information on how to reference issue keys correctly, see Referencing issues in your development work.

Feature flags

To see your feature flags in the releases panel, you need to install the relevant add-on, see Integrating with feature flags.

View the releases panel

When everything has been set up correctly, you'll see a releases panel on your issues, similar to the screenshot below. The releases panel provides you with just enough information to evaluate the status of an issue's release at a glance. It makes it easy to see if your code has deployed, and if it's enabled for your customers yet.

The issue view in a company-managed Jira project. The releases panel is added to an issue, and the ticket's expanded.
  1. All deployments are rolled up into a summary (clicking shows more detail)

  2. Feature flags are listed by name, with some basic summary info  (clicking on the name takes you to your flag provider)


What does the icon next to the deployment mean?

The deployment statuses in the release panel are:  

Pending or in progress



Rolled back


Investigate and act on the information

If you want to investigate something in the releases panel, you can click the item to display more details.


If you click on a deployment in the releases panel more details show, but you can also click on the pipeline number if you want to view it in Bitbucket.

Feature flags

There are 2 ways to get more information on your feature flag status:

  • hover over the flag to quickly see status relevant to the flags (for example, percentage rollout)

A cursor hovers over a flag labelled "on" to show the feature status is 100%
  • click on the name to go directly to the flag on your providers site

Additional Help