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View release information for an issue

When your software project is connected to supported development tools, release-related information will be shown in the releases panel on your Jira issues. Depending on which tools are connected, the releases panel will show the following:

  • Bitbucket Cloud, Jenkins, GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, or another supported deployments tool: view deployments in the releases panel, including environment name and deployment status.

  • LaunchDarkly, Split, or another supported feature management tool: view the number of feature flags linked to an issue, enabled status, and the rollout percentage.

Before you begin

You must connect Jira to your team’s development tools and configure them correctly. Learn more about integrating Jira with development tools.

Only project admins can enable features in a project and manage apps.

Make your release information available in Jira


Use issue keys in branch names, pull requests, and commit messages to start linking deployment activity to your issues. Jira will show deployment information if a deployment has run on at least one linked branch, commit, or pull request. A deployment to an environment, such as production or testing, is linked if a commit associated with the deploy contains the issue key in its commit message. Learn more about integrating your deployments with Jira.

Feature flags

To see your feature flags in the releases panel, you need to install a supported feature flag tool and link your feature flags to Jira issues. If your team uses releases and versions to organize their work, Jira will display feature flag information in the Releases hub as well as in the releases panel on your issue view. Learn more about integrating with feature flags.

View the releases panel

The releases panel helps you evaluate the status of an issue's release at a glance. It shows you if your code has deployed, and if it's enabled for your customers yet.

To view the releases panel:

  1. If not already there, navigate to your software project.

  2. Select an issue to view the issue details.

  3. The Releases panel on your issue will display any linked deployment or feature flag information.

Dig into the details

If you want to investigate something in the releases panel, you can select an item to display more details.


Select See all deployments in the releases panel to open the development dialog. Here you can view details of all the deployments linked to the issue, or select a pipeline to view the deployment in your connected tool.

Feature flags

Select a feature flag in the releases panel to open the development dialog. Here you can get more information on your feature flag status:

  • View the feature flag name, environment details, enabled status, and rollout percentage.

  • Select the feature flag name to go directly to the flag in your connected tool.

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