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Create and add teams in Advanced Roadmaps

All new teams in Advanced Roadmaps begin life as plan-only teams. However, you can convert a plan-only team to a shared team at any point.

The Team field is a custom field in Jira Software.

If you want to save this back to your Jira issues, you'll first need to add the Teams field to the Jira screen. Learn more about this on the Enable custom fields used in Advanced Roadmaps in Jira page.

Add a shared team

To add a shared team to a plan:

  1. In the Teams view, navigate to + Add team

  2. Select the Add existing shared team option, then start typing to find the team you’d like to add.

  3. Save your selection with the Add shared team button.

Create a plan-only team

To create a plan-only team in your plan:

  1. In the Teams view, navigate to + Add team

  2. Select the Create a private team option, then fill out the following fields:

    1. Team name

    2. Associated issue source

    3. Team type

    4. Velocity (average capacity for this team)

    5. Iteration length

    6. Members

  3. When you’re happy with your team, select Create.

Your team will now be available in your plan, but the changes won’t be finalized until you Save selected changes in Jira using the Review changes button.

Last modified on Aug 10, 2021
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