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What is a version?

A version is a set of features and fixes released together as a single update to your product.

Versions in Scrum projects

Assigning issues to versions helps you plan the order in which new features (stories) for your application will be released to your customers. In Jira, you can view your issues according to which version they belong to. You can also drag-and-drop issues into a version to assign them to it, which you should do before you start work on the issues. This helps you plan your upcoming versions, which may span multiple sprints.

Learn more about configuring versions in Scrum.

Versions in Kanban projects

By default, Kanban boards do not require issues to be pre-assigned to versions. This is because Kanban is designed for a continuous flow of work, rather than set iterations.

On a Kanban board, you can choose to release a version at any point in time — the version will contain all issues that are complete at that time. You also specify the name of a new version at the time of the release.

Learn more about configuring versions in Kanban.

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