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View a sample Advanced Roadmaps plan

To make getting started with Advanced Roadmaps easier, you can create a sample plan with clean data that demonstrates the power of the tool.

All of the processes described in this section require the Advanced Roadmaps Administrator permission.

To create a sample plan:

  1. Select Plans from the navigation at the top of your screen.

  2. Select Create sample plan, then use the Create sample plan button to make your plan. You can wait for it to be created, or you can dismiss the window and you’ll get a notification when your plan is ready.

What to do if you receive an error message

The process of creating a sample plan in Advanced Roadmaps is an automated function. Depending on the settings defined by your site administrator, you may run into certain configuration barriers that prevent you from making a sample plan.

Your plan couldn’t be created because of a configuration error

There’s a few reasons you might see this error:

Your issues have required fields

If your administrator has configured required fields, they’ll prevent your sample plan from being created. To resolve this, an administrator needs to remove all required fields from your issue configuration. Learn how to make fields required.

In order to create dependencies, Advanced Roadmaps uses the Blocks issue link type. If this hasn’t been configured in your site, it’ll prohibit a sample plan from being created. Learn how to configure issue links for Advanced Roadmaps.

Issue watching is disabled

The creator of the plan (in this case, you) needs to have issue watching turned on in order to create a sample plan. To resolve this error, you need to enable automatic issue watching. Learn how to enable this function.

Your plan couldn’t be created because you’re missing a required permission

Creating a sample plan requires four specific permissions:

  • Browse projects permission

  • Create issues permission

  • Transition issues permission

  • Edit issues permission

Advanced Roadmaps can’t create the sample plan if the plan creator doesn’t have all of these permissions. Learn how to change permissions schemes.

Try to create your plan again

If you get this error, we’re not sure what went wrong. Reach out to our support team who can help you troubleshoot the problem, and they’ll inform our development teams of this new error. Contact Atlassian support.

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