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Connect New Relic to Jira

The incidentsfeature in Jiraallows you to view, triage, and track incidents from New Relic. Using this feature, your development team can:

  • View incidents impacting the services they manage

  • Create Jira issues automatically populated with incident details

  • Create post-incident reviews (PIRs) to get to the root cause and prevent incidents from recurring

Before you begin

To install the New Relic for Jira app, you need:

  • Site admin permissions for your Jira site

  • New Relic administrator permissions

  • A New Relic API key

For some organizations, the task of connecting New Relic to Jira might involve multiple team members with different role permissions:

  • A Jira site admin to install the New Relic for Jira app

  • A New Relic administrator to create and provide an encrypted API key

Install the New Relic for Jira app

  1. In Jira, select Apps, then Explore more apps.

  2. Search for New Relic for Jira, then select it from the results.

  3. Select Get app, then Get it now.

Connect the New Relic for Jira app

  1. After the app is installed, select Get started. If the app is already installed on your Jira site, you can find this section by selecting Apps, then Manage your apps, and then New Relic for Jira.

  2. Select Set up.

  3. Select Continue.

  4. Paste your New Relic API token, then select Connect.

If your Jira site or project admin disconnects the New Relic for Jira app, all incident data and PIRs associated with the tool will be deleted.

Connect New Relic services

If your team’s service aren’t connected, go the incidents feature:

  1. Select Connect services.

  2. Search or select the services your team manages.

  3. After you have selected services, select Connect.

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