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Copy an issue layout to other projects

This page is for company-managed projects

If the lower-left of your service project sidebar says you're in a team-managed project, check out these team-managed project articles instead.

Learn more about the difference between company-managed and team-managed projects.


Save time on project configuration by copying a screen’s issue layout to other projects that use the same screen. For example, if you’ve configured the Customer default screen in one project and want the same layout for the Customer default screen in another project, you can copy the former layout to the latter. Issue layouts can only be copied on a screen-by-screen basis. Learn more about managing screens

Copying an issue layout only copies the layout (which fields are visible, which section of the issue view they’re displayed, and what order they’re displayed in). It doesn’t copy the content in any field.

You must be a Jira admin to copy an issue layout to other projects.

Copying an issue layout will override layouts in the applied projects.

To copy an issue layout to other projects:

  1. From your project’s sidebar, select Project settings > Issues > Layout.

  2. Select Edit issue layout next to the issue layout you want to copy.

  3. Select Copy issue layout. (Only Jira admins can see this button.)

  4. Choose which screen’s layout you want to copy, then the projects you want to apply it to. The projects available will be those that use the same screen as the layout to copy.

  5. Select Next.

  6. Review your selection and then select Copy layout if you want to make the changes.

Copying an issue layout doesn’t create a link between layouts. This means that you can always change a project’s individual layouts later without affecting another project that uses the same screen.

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