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The following information only applies to team-managed projects.

To check which type project you need help with, look at the bottom of your project’s left-hand sidebar:

Project admins can configure and customize email notifications for team-managed projects individually. Project admins can optimize the volume of emails sent from Jira by sending users those that are relevant and useful. For instance, if a team member reassigns a task to another, Jira can send a notification to the new assignee. Or, if someone deletes an issue, your project can notify your Scrum master about that the work has been removed from their board.

You must have the administrator role in your project to do the things described on this page. Learn more about team-managed project roles.

You can notify your users on issue-related changes in Jira. For example, you can notify your watchers when someone comments on an issue.

You can keep your users updated when someone:

  • creates an issue

  • assigns an issue

  • updates an issue

  • comments on an issue

  • moves an issue

  • edits an issue comment

  • deletes an issue

  • logs work on an issue

  • updates the worklog on an issue

  • deletes an issue comment

  • deletes an issue worklog

You can choose to send notifications to:

  • all watchers

  • the current assignee

  • the current user

  • the reporter

  • the project lead
  • the project role

Additionally, you can also configure your email address from which users can receive notifications from. Learn more about editing an email address.

When you delete a role, the notifications associated to it will no longer work. However, these notifications can be referenced even if a role is deleted, and you will have to manually remove them.

Add a notification in team-managed projects

You can notify team members of specific activities when they work on issues in your project. For example, you can update a Scrum master when someone moves an issue. Or, you can notify a manager when someone’s updated their work logs.

To create a notification, you can:

  1. From your project's sidebar, select Project settings > Notifications.

  2. Select Add notification.

  3. Select the issue event that triggers the desired notification.

  4. Select the users and roles who should receive this notification.

  5. Click Add. Jira will notify your desired recipients of your key issue events.

Edit notifications in team-managed projects

By default, team-managed projects send notifications about issue events to the issue’s watchers, assignees, and reporters. But, you may want to edit these settings to reduce the amount of email Jira sends, or to notify additional people in your project about key issue activity. For example, you might want to notify your Scrum master when someone’s picked up a task, or inform your project manager when new work has created.

To edit the notifications your team-managed project sends:

  1. From your project's sidebar, select Project settings > Notifications.

  2. Under the Actions column, click More (•••) > Edit.

  3. Select the users or roles.

  4. Click Save.

Disable notifications in team-managed projects

You can delete notifications for certain events if you don’t want to spam your users.

To delete notifications for an event:

  1. From your project's sidebar, select Project settings > Notifications.

  2. Under the Actions column, click More (•••)> Delete.

  3. Click Delete.