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Add, edit, and remove columns in Advanced Roadmaps

Add column to your plan

To add a column to your plan:

  1. Open the Fields menu on your timeline

  2. Select a field or use the Choose fields… dropdown to find a specific field

  3. Press Enter to add it to your plan.

New fields will be displayed as columns with values pulled from Jira issues.

Resize columns

To change the size of a column, drag the left or right edge of the column.

Expand or collapse columns

To collapse or expand a single column, click the column header.

Reorder columns

To change the order of the columns in your plan, to to the Fields menu, then re-arrange the list of visible fields.

Remove a column

To remove a column, select the x next to the field in the Fields menu.

Last modified on Aug 11, 2021
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