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Add, edit, and remove columns in your plan

This page refers to the advanced planning features that are only available as part of Jira Cloud Premium and Enterprise.

We have a separate section for documentation about the project timeline that’s included in Jira. Go to the documentation for project-level roadmaps in Jira.


Add column to your plan

To add a column to your plan:

  1. Open the Fields menu on your timeline.

  2. Select a field or use the Choose fields… dropdown to find a specific field.

  3. Press Enter to add it to your plan.

New fields will be displayed as columns with values pulled from Jira issues. Globally-scoped fields can be used across all issues in your plan. However, custom fields from team-managed projects can only be applied to issues from the same project in which the field was configured.

Hide timeline section

To see hide all of the timeline bars, select List next to View settings on your plan’s timeline. This gives you more room for columns in your plan. Select Timeline to go back.

Learn more about the list in your plan

Resize columns

To change the size of a column, drag the left or right edge of the column.

Expand or collapse columns

To collapse or expand a single column, select the column header.

Reorder columns

To change the order of the columns in your plan, to to the Fields menu, then re-arrange the list of visible fields.

Remove a column

To remove a column, select the x next to the field in the Fields menu.

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